There is one Member-At-Large position open in the 2020 election.

Each nominee was asked to write a statement in response to the following:

The AAWC Board of Directors serves to advance the initiatives of the AAWC which are focused on the strategic plan consisting of the four pillars of education, public policy, research and infrastructure. Describe how your qualifications align with all four pillars and your plans to support the Board in its efforts to meet AAWC's strategic objectives.

Meet the two 2020 candidates...

Victoria Nalls GNP-BC, CWS, ACHPN
Member since 2017
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STATEMENT: Like any individual, I have room to grow but do offer some skills and experience that align with AAWC's 4 pillars.  For example, as the director of education, I am continuously evaluating our approach to educating the staff based on the adult learning principles and ensuring that we are providing them the most up to date, evidenced-based resources.  Wound care necessitates a multi-disciplinary approach, so I educate not only nurses and providers but also CNAs and our social workers and chaplains, if they are interested.  I understand the importance of balancing the educational needs of the individual as well as the organization.  I'm currently working on guidance for my organization to establish standards of palliative wound care.  I support public policy by sharing information with colleagues regarding bills/resolutions that deserve our attention and support.  As a newly graduated PhD, I want to expand the current research and literature regarding palliative wound care.  Lastly, regarding infrastructure goals, I appreciate and support the desire to develop relevant program plans to support the mission and member needs. .


Stephen Sprigle PhD, PT
Member since 2019
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STATEMENT:  I am a Professor so am naturally dedicated to education. When people ask me 'what do you like most about being a Professor?," I respond, "I learn something new everyday". I like the challenge of imparting new knowledge and am a regular speaker at conferences and workshops. I also feel that educational outreach is the single best way to 'market' AAWC. By striking a healthy balance between member-benefits and non-members opportunities, AAWC demonstrates the value of membership