There is one PHYSICIAN position open in the 2020 election.

Each nominee was asked to write a statement in response to the following:

The AAWC Board of Directors serves to advance the initiatives of the AAWC which are focused on the strategic plan consisting of the four pillars of education, public policy, research and infrastructure. Describe how your qualifications align with all four pillars and your plans to support the Board in its efforts to meet AAWC's strategic objectives.

Meet the two 2020 candidates...

Jonathan Johnson MD, MBA, CWSP
Member since 2016
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STATEMENT: Based on the pillars, I would humbly like to contribute to the board... 
Education- I'd like to bring resident/medical school education in the specialty of Wound Care to promote innovation and introduction to AAWC membership. Establishing journal club topics and opportunities for students/resident/fellow participation.
Public Policy- My practice is based in Washington DC and public policy is key, I sit on the DC medical society and I'm a Washington DC medical commission physician. I'm excited about contribution to public policy as an industry leader and or clinical expert to further the board's mission.
Research- Collaboration and opportunities for wound care are key. I'd like work with the board to connect wound care industry contacts with AAWC to promote research strategies with collaborative sponsors.
Infrastructure- I'm excited about establishing a membership model that focuses on recruitment and retention of resident and fellow providers of all specialties and wound care related fields.


Alisha Oropallo MD, FACS
Member since 2017
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STATEMENT:  My qualifications align with all four pillars of the AAWC. These include education, public policy, research, and infrastructure. My foundation in education in teaching, research publication, and establishing guidelines are important tools in helping to assist the AAWC in establishing its strategic plan to identify member needs, connect to educational resources on an interdisciplinary level, and develop online educational resources.
Being involved as a participant in the AAWC Journal club, I am interested in developing new topics to cover all member disciplines. I am familiar with hosting virtual and live webinars which will help assist in the AAWC's plan for further educational opportunities. Public policy voice in wound care is equally imperative. I hope to establish the standards for wound care as a specialty practice and work with the AAWC to serve as a resource for challenges in wound care such as rising costs as well as new climate changes. I have been impressed on how quickly the AAWC impacted wound care providers during the COVID-19 crisis. Development of the AAWC Pressure Ulcer Description Tool is one of the essential projects to be completed.
I feel that it is vital to establish an AAWC PAC. I am currently involved in the American College of Surgeons PAC and can provide the AAWC insight on the initiation of its own. My passion to develop AAWC Educational Summits and International Practice Guidelines are a necessity in establishing credibility within the wound care community and across other disciplines. The infrastructure of AAWC is crucial to continue the recognition of wound care,. Member retention stems from following the member needs and addressing those issues. I feel that through my experiences, I will serve as an asset to the AAWC Board of Directors if elected. I appreciate this opportunity.