2020 Election for President Elect

The AAWC President Elect is the only elected presidential position and serves three consecutive, two-year terms through the presidential cycle--Elect, President, Past--which provides continuity of leadership to guide the initiatives of the association. This position is one of the five officers that constitute the Executive Committee. Eligible candidates must have been elected to and served a two-year term as general board member prior to running for an officer position.

Meet the Candidates...

Barbara Bates-Jensen
Member since 2000
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STATEMENT: I will work to support the AAWC and act to implement the strategic plan across Education, Public Policy, Research, and Infrastructure for the organization. I have experience with strategic planning and leading organizations to goal-directed work both in volunteer organizations and at the UCLA School of Nursing. To strengthen the role of AAWC with public policy makers I believe AAWC will need to continue to align with other organizations to work as a cohesive whole to make the wound care voice more easily "heard" by policy makers and regulators. I support targeting a few areas nationally and regionally as a thoughtful approach that is more likely to succeed. I am best positioned to support the education and research pillars for the strategic plan. I have a long history of providing wound care education to a wide variety of individuals from nurse aides to physicians both in volunteer and professional roles. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a move to remote learning, AAWC has new opportunities in providing education. I believe that use of multiple learning platforms can be a great benefit to AAWC and will support efforts to expand the use of alternative learning platforms for AAWC education. I have a long history of supporting entry into research for wound care clinicians. I am an active mentor and guide for many clinicians undertaking wound care research. From beginning nursing students to post-doctoral fellows, I have helped many individuals understand how to better conduct wound research and I am passionate about improving the quality of wound research so that our findings are more useful in the policy arena. I believe in transparency in board actions, consistent direct communication with members, and the giving volunteer nature of most wound care professionals which can strengthen us as we move to support our new infrastructure. 

Kara Couch
Member since 2004
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STATEMENT: I was a member of the strategic plan working group who developed the four pillars. Over the past four years, I have been intimately involved with the planning and vision of this organization. I passionately believe in our vision to be the premier organization for people with and at risk for wounds. Education is our main pillar to promote evidence-based best practices and real world information. 

Our journal club, webinar series, and patient educational handouts are easily accessible. In this time of a pandemic, we have enhanced our educational options into the virtual world to bring our best in class information to you. AAWC is an active member of the Alliance of Woundcare Stakeholders and they are always at the forefront of any regulatory or public policy issues which could impact our patients. Having served on the guidelines committee, I know that one area where wound care is lacking is robust data to support our interventions. 

I am excited that our research committee is working to add to the body of evidence and help to inform practices. To discuss the research pillar, I envision AAWC completing work on our Pressure Ulcer Detection Tool (PUDT) which simplifies and standardizes pressure ulcer tissue damage. This has major implications with coverage and policy which need to be revised to best serve our patients. The final pillar of AAWC is infrastructure. I have a close working relationship with MCI and feel we have made significant strides to achieve our operational objectives.

Overall, although AAWC has had organizational and structural changes since 2018, I am confident that we have emerged stronger and best positioned to continue as the pre-eminent multi-disciplinary wound care organization. I would be humbled to serve as your president and always pledge to keep our precious patients as the top priority.