2020 Election for Treasurer

The AAWC Treasurer serves a two-year term, and may then run and be elected to a second two-year term. This position is one of the five officers that constitute the Executive Committee.

 Meet the Candidate...

Naz Wahab
Member since 2013
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STATEMENT: If elected I will be an ambassador for the AAWC to propagate their mission for both scientific and clinical wound care education and research, It will be my responsibility to collaborate with other societies to further the practice of Wound Healing. I have been a board member for other wound care organizations in the past, and understand the immense need for an active interdisciplinary approach to collaborate with clinicians, politicians, scientists, educators, and industry.  I am knowledgeable of the need for Political Action groups to help propagate and protect our profession. I have been involved with the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders for several years. I have been an active participant for the AAWC for many years and have seen the positive evolution of the society due to its dedicated and knowledgeable leaders who have actively participated with key stakeholders to further the ideals of Wound Healing.  I hope to offer the same leadership ability as a liaison for the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care.