Awards and Scholarship Committee confers awards and scholarships to deserving, dedicated, and eligible individuals who support the mission of the AAWC or successfully meet the qualifications for a financial Scholarship. The committee is responsible to make recommendations for new awards and conduct regular review of the Scholarship application criteria.

  • Time commitment: A few 1-hour conference calls to review/update award and scholarship criteria as needed and review/discuss applicants. Much of the candidate assessment work is handled through an online project management tool.

Membership Committee members are considered "ambassadors" of the AAWC. Consider volunteering for the Membership Committee if you would like to share your passion for the AAWC and fellow wound care practitioners. Membership Ambassadors are responsible for outreach to lapsed members, responding to member questions and ideas, and working with the association staff on annual membership recruitment and retention efforts. Ambassadors play an important role at AAWC events, providing membership information to prospective members, serving as hosts for member-only events, and manning the AAWC membership booth.

  • Time commitment: Periodic 1-hour conference calls; 10-15 hours throughout the year making calls to or emailing lapsed members; and manning the AAWC booth on-site at our regional meetings and other events for those Ambassadors in attendance. Travel is not required and the AAWC does not reimburse volunteers to attend the event.

Professional Practice Research - One of the AAWC's core strategic pillars is to create and sustain a research agenda in support of evidence-based wound care practice. This includes creating resources for members interested in research projects, identifying opportunities for collaborative research among members and their institutions/clinics, and providing guidance to and forging partnerships with industry sponsors in support of relevant and meaningful research on the issues most important to our members. This year the AAWC Research Committee is charged with the following initiatives:

  1. Develop a draft research agenda based on identified gaps in the AAWC's Educational Summits and International Practice Guidelines.
  2. Create a toolkit for developing a clinical question providing links to resources like the Trip database, tips and tools for how to create research posters, etc.
  3. Consider the needs of a task force for the development of global common wound care data set.
  4. Support of a multi-center reliability study of the AAWC Pressure Ulcer Description Tool.
  • Time commitment: Periodic 1-hour conference calls and time as necessary in between to complete the work of the committee.