There is one PODIATRIC PHYSICIAN position on the AAWC Board of Directors.

Each nominee was asked to write a statement in response to the following:

The AAWC Board of Directors serves to advance the initiatives of the AAWC which are focused on the strategic plan consisting of the four pillars of education, public policy, research and infrastructure. Describe how your qualifications align with all four pillars and your plans to support the Board in its efforts to meet AAWC's strategic objectives...

Meet the three 2019 candidates...

Marcela Farrer DPM, MBA, CWS
Member since 2011
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STATEMENT: AAWC’s four strategic pillars of Education, Public Policy, Research, and Infrastructure are critical in developing strong leadership, innovation, and promotion of a multi-disciplinary approach in wound care.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve presented 3-day seminars to over 100 Nurse Practitioners and physicians, the staff of private medical corporations, to prepare for the AAWM certification exam. These companies realize the importance of well-trained staff who are educated and appreciate the value of being wound certified in this competitive environment. Sharing my years of experience and getting others to be as passionate about wound care as I am, was very gratifying. Currently, I am expanding my educational arena once more by pursuing a Masters in Health Information Management. This program includes classes on public policy, project management, assessing healthcare quality, healthcare data analytics as well as some classes on corporate compliance in healthcare. Armed with the knowledge from these courses, I can assist AAWC with the pillars of Public Policy and Infrastructure.

Being on both sides of the medical industry as a physician as well as my years in business development and a director of wound clinics, and a Primary Investigator in two studies gives me a unique multilateral viewpoint. Being on the AAWC board would give me an excellent opportunity to put my experience over the past 26 years in wound care as well as my new knowledge to good use.

I welcome the opportunity to be part of a community of such distinguished members and would work tirelessly under the AAWC’s leadership in whatever tasks were asked of me.

Member since 2017
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STATEMENT: If elected to the AAWC Board of Directors I would support and advance the initiative of the AAWC’s four strategic pillars of education, infrastructure, research, and public policy.

As a podiatrist I would help recruit and increase membership among my fellow podiatrists. The field of podiatry is heavily involved in wound care, but many are not aware of the multidisciplinary benefits that the AAWC offers. Increasing awareness of the AAWC among podiatrists would increase membership and be mutually beneficial for both the field of podiatry and the AAWC.

I am uniquely positioned to aid in enhancing member volunteer benefits, thus supporting the AAWC infrastructure strategic pillar. Prior to participating in the AAWC global volunteer program I recruited other providers to join AAWC and participate in the program as well. As a board member I would continue to promote membership through the unique volunteer opportunities that AAWC offers and the benefits it provides.

Throughout my career I have been involved in multiple research projects. I understand both the struggles and successes that are involved in the process. As a board member, I would aid in expanding the resources that the AAWC offers, including development of step by step guidelines for research, and establishing a peer mentoring network. Research can be intimidating, but with the necessary resources the goal of publishing journal articles is attainable.

Practitioners of wound care face many challenges. Expensive products and limited knowledge of evidence based wound care techniques can lead to poor patient care. As a young practitioner, I have experienced and overcome many of these obstacles. As a board member I would help the AAWC to become the premier clinical expert and resource for wound care providers.

Member since 2015
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I have always had a passion for wounds, I have tried to obtain all the training possible to improve my education so I may better teach others, perform proper research, and reconstruct the format by which we evaluate, clean and treat wounds and run a successful Wound Clinic.   I work with public home health care nurses, also establishing wound care policy.  I think if leadership in any organization is properly trained and educated then education, public policy and research should be an easy task, especially if the leadership enjoys what they do.  Also the more educated the leadership of the AAWC, the more the organization will SHINE and stand out amongst other wound care organizations and that will make us the preferred organization.