October 19, 2018

We are very excited to announce new investment in your future. Extensive research of the membership revealed that we need to focus energy and resources on innovative educational delivery models, public policy, and greater flexibility for collaborations with other wound care organizations.
You, the wound care clinician, are committed to improving people’s lives. You share a common interest to advance the care of people with and at risk for wounds. From individual member clinicians to industry partners, your combined vision, expertise, and passion deliver a powerful impact to your communities, regions, and states.
Your AAWC is focused and accepts the challenge to support and accelerate your collective practices for the good of you and your patients.
To further our mission, your AAWC must:
•    Evolve and adapt to the wound care industry’s clinical and professional needs.
•    Collaborate with key stakeholders to bind the wound care industry together
•    Advocate for your pressing topics and issues of today and tomorrow.

To be optimally positioned for a new future, your AAWC must make some important changes to its infrastructure. As a result, the AAWC will no longer be in partnership with HMP. Please join us in thanking them for their 23 years of partnership and the many accomplishments we have achieved together. We will be working with HMP through the end of the year to achieve a smooth transition and allocation of those resources toward a brighter future. We can’t wait to begin rolling out your new and improved AAWC!


Tomas Serena, MD, FACS, AAWC President
On behalf of the AAWC Board of Directors

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AAWC Launches a New Member E-Newsletter

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The AAWC Mission is to advance the care of people with and at risk for wounds.
The AAWC is the leading, nonprofit membership organization in the US dedicated to interprofessional wound healing and tissue preservation. The AAWC offers membership and associated benefits to everyone involved in wound care, including clinicians and other healthcare professionals, patients, lay-caregivers, clinics/facilities, corporations, students, retirees, and advocates.

AAWC is a 501c3 Association and does not engage in any lobbying activity or political action.