AAWC Speakers Bureau Program

Bring the best in wound care education to your organization’s conventions, regional conferences, corporate events, career fairs, in-services, school assemblies, local education programs and more.

Would you like to become a Wound Care Specialist Speaker and be included in our Directory? JOIN AAWC


AAWC is proud to offer Speaker opportunities to members.  The Bureau provides a means to promote your availability for discussions and presentations on the subject of quality wound care and associated topics (e.g. reimbursement issues, regulatory guidelines, etc.). After submitting an application and being accepted, your photo and credentials will appear on our Speaker Directory page for public access!

Members of the Bureau who are invited to speak will decide whether they wish to accept the invitation. The Bureau’s policy will be not to charge a speaker’s fee. However, Bureau speakers may accept any honoraria that are offered by the client, including contributions to their travel expenses. AAWC and its Speakers Bureau do not guarantee utilization of any speaker on its Bureau, nor does it guarantee any specific number of presentations.

You must be a member to participate in this program.

If you are interested in applying, please read and understand all information before completing an Application.


Applications are accepted in a “rolling admissions” style, which means:

• Applications are accepted any day of the year. There is no application deadline.
• Applications are reviewed routinely.


The Speakers Bureau Program is to be utilized by members in good standing of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC). “Good standing” means that dues for a member’s current membership term are paid in full prior to submitting an application. New members who join AAWC just prior to submitting an application will only be considered when dues are paid in full. Failure to renew a member’s dues will result in removal from the program.

Please note: These terms do not apply to Wounds In Need (WIN) Members. People with wounds and their lay-caregivers receive WIN Membership for free and are very much encouraged to become a member of the bureau as well. WIN Members each have a unique experience and story to tell, which can inspire others in many ways! For more information on WIN Membership and accompanying resources that are tailored to people with wounds and their lay-caregivers, click here.


  • Applicant must be a member in good standing (including no outstanding dues or fees) at the time of the application and throughout the period of inclusion in the program.
  • Applicant must submit a Bio and a short list of preferred wound treatment topics for presentation (Microsoft Word format)
  • Applicant must be willing to attend an AAWC sponsored speaker training program if requested
  • All speakers will have their eligibility for continuing on the Speakers Bureau evaluated on a yearly basis.
  • Speaker will submit programs and presentations for review to the program sponsor if requested.
  • Speaker will be willing to have audience complete evaluation forms on their presentations.
  • Speaker will present high quality, evidence-based PowerPoint, or comparable software design presentations. (eg. Prezi)
  • Speaker will provide handouts of the presentations when requested by the sponsor.
  • Speaker understands that expenses and an honorarium will be provided by the program sponsor.


Will you return my materials? Application materials, photos, etc. will not be returned. Please be sure to retain a full set of original copies.

Are there any restrictions or limitations in the selection procedure based upon race or employment status? Does it matter if I am a relative of one of the judging committee members? No restrictions will be placed on applicants based on race or employment status.

How does the AAWC supervise the Bureau?  The Executive Committee or their designee will review the submitted information and make a recommendation regarding the potential speaker’s suitability.  After approval by the Executive Committee, the speaker’s name will be listed on a Speakers Bureau Section of the AAWC website.  All speakers will have their eligibility for continuing on the Speakers Bureau evaluated by the Executive Committee or their designee on a yearly basis

How will the speaking engagement be arranged? Any company or organization requesting the service of a speaker will make the request to AAWC, who will forward the speaker’s contact information to the sponsoring organization. The sponsoring organization will then contact the speaker directly to see if the speaker is interested in presenting the proposed program and to finalize arrangements for the program. AAWC should be notified about the engagement.

How will the program be evaluated?  Presenter will hand out evaluation forms to be completed by the program attendees.  Forms should then be forwarded to the AAWC business office.   These forms will provide a basis for eligibility in continuing with the Speakers Bureau.  Copies of evaluation forms used by the sponsoring organization will be acceptable.

What procedures does the organization have for taking action if the terms of the Speakers Bureau are violated? A letter of censure will be issued to the individual offender, as well as permanent expulsion from the AAWC with loss of dues.

The preferred method of application submission is by email.  If you need to mail your application, please send using a traceable method – Fed Ex, UPS, Certified Mail, etc. to:

Speakers Bureau Program
1818 Parmenter Street, Suite 300
Middleton, WI 53562

*Important Notice: All information herein is deemed to be reasonably accurate today. However, no guarantees are made as to the accuracy of content or process. To further verify the Speakers Bureau information, if necessary, contact the AAWC via email at [email protected] or via phone at 608-360-6585.