The AAWC Summits

The AAWC Regional Education Series will be introduced in early 2019

The Wound Infection Summit presented by the AAWC

The breadth of knowledge required to detect, prevent and manage wound infections has undergone exponential advances in the past few years. Join over 200 physicians, nurses, physical therapists, podiatrists, researchers and other wound care specialists for this two-day international forum to explore and discuss the latest clinical and laboratory research to address wound infection. This highly-interactive program will provide an opportunity for clinical experts and researchers to share their vast experiences and knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of what is needed to detect, prevent and manage the patient infection.

This Summit will be offered three times in 2019 with locations on the east and west coasts as well as a centrally located U.S. city. Dates will be announced in early 2019.

The AAWC Pressure Ulcer Summit (PrU Summit)

Using a new paradigm, where bedside experiences inform bench research, the AAWC PrU Summit agenda will follow a patient through the pressure ulcer management process, while integrating research findings to provide a fully informed treatment algorithm. This highly-interactive program will leverage the combined knowledge of clinician and researcher participants for a deeper understanding of pressure ulcer problems.

This highly acclaimed Summit will be offered in two locations in 2019. The first will be held at The Westin Atlanta Airport, February 8-9, 2019 with a new pre-Summit workshop offered on February 7th. Later in the year this Summit will be offered in a yet to be determined city within the western part of the United States.

The AAWC is a supporting society of WUWHS 2020. The theme, "Global Healing. Changing Lives," was developed in a unique manner that serves for both WUWHS 2020 congress and to solidify the entire wound care enthusiast to share their practice to build new trends and enhance clinical practice. One of the precise objectives of WUWHS 2020 is to promote a greater collaboration and cooperation of all the scientific wound care societies around the world who have passion in caring for wounds as their main mission. In addition, it serves as a guide to develop and implement projects to strengthen the central role of the WUWHS which needs to become more of a worldwide scientific point of reference and a standard for innovation and translational research into the management of skin wounds together with the improvement of the quality of life of afflicted patients and their families.

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