AAWC Member Spotlight

Heather Hettrick, PT, PhD, CWS, CLT
Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Nova Southeastern University

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Wounds, burns, lymphedema, scar tissue, tissue remodeling
  • Publication Committee Liaison 2018- 2019
  • Executive Committee Member (Treasurer) 2014- 2016
  • PT Board Member 2012- 2014, 2018- 2019
  • Editor of the Long Term Care section of the newsletter, 2008- 2012
  • Editor of US Volunteerism section of the newsletter, 2012- 2014
  • AAWC Education Task Force 2012- 2019
  • AAWC Media Task Force 2012- 2019
  • AAWC Global Volunteer 2012- 2014
  • Member of AAWC Speakers Bureau 2014- 2019
  • Chair, Committee US Volunteerism 2012- 2014
  • AAWC Shire Fellowship Grant Task Force/Committee 2013- 2016
  • AAWC Educating the Generalist Task Force 2014- 2015
  • AAWC Clinical Track Task Force 2014- 2019
  • Finance Committee Chair 2014- 2016
  • Personnel Committee Member 2014- 2016
  • Chair, AAWC Fundraising Task Force 2015- 2016
  • AAWC Membership Committee Member 2016- 2019
  • Joined AAWC in 1997
  1. What aspect of your AAWC membership do you value the most? 
    The interdisciplinary networking!

  2. Did a specific person, circumstance, or goal inspire you to pursue your current profession? 
    Tracey Mullan gave a lecture on burns when I was in PT school which completely fascinated me. I did an acute care rotation in burns at Harborview in Seattle and loved it. I found my calling and have dedicated my entire professional career to integumentary dysfunction.

  3. What is one thing about working in wound care that you wish more people understood?
    I wish more people understood the importance of wound prevention, early intervention, and that most wounds are manageable with proper care by trained professionals.

  4. What are five adjectives that describe your personality?
    Approachable, genuine, outgoing, positive, friendly.

  5. What is your biggest personal and/or professional accomplishment to date?
    Personal: raising twin boys; Professional: a process of developing a non-invasive medical device for early detection of pressure injuries.
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