AAWC gets special access to innovative new app! 

Over the last few months you may have seen some information on a new communications app called vTail. It is designed to make it simple and quick for clinicians such as yourself to find, connect and communicate with your wound care reps. As we know, keeping track of all our reps, knowing their contact information, and accessing them efficiently hasn’t always been easy. COVID-19 has only made this worse. So, we’ve taken a close look at vTail and we want you to know that the app is what is claims to be!

vTail has been designed with the intention to be a safe place for you. You don’t have to share your personal contact information and won’t get bombarded with messages and promotional outreach. You get to control the flow of communications - receiving the information you need when you need it.

We’ve also had the chance to speak to the founders at vTail, and have a good sense of the direction they are heading. In fact, many of our leaders are so excited about it, they recorded videos sharing their thoughts about the app - Please see the links below!

Even though the company is just starting out, they already have 25 wound care companies on the platform, including big names like Convatec and Medline, Kerecis, Medela, MTF Biologics, and others. As more clinicians come into the platform, more of the key dressing companies will follow suit. In addition to adding to more suppliers, soon they will be delivering additional functionality, including novel ways to earn CMEs/CEs, interactions with other stakeholders such as distributors, HMEs, and clinical research organizations, and engaging ways for us to communicate and collaborate with one another.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to download the vTail app on your mobile phone. It is free for you and only takes a few minutes. We are motivated to make this recommendation to you. We believe the more of us that join, the more companies will come on, and the more valuable the experience will be for all involved.  

Additionally, for everyone who downloads the app using the AAWC-specific QR code, AAWC will receive a small amount of funding, which we will use towards our mission of advancing the care of patients with and at-risk for wounds. 

Its free and valuable for clinicians, AAWC raises important funding to further the science of wound care, and patients benefit - A WIN-WIN-WIN! Down load the app today, by scanning or clicking the QR code below:

Feel free to forward this message and otherwise share this QR code to your colleagues!