There are two PHYSICAL THERAPIST positions on the AAWC Board of Directors and both are open in the 2019 election.

Each nominee was asked to write a statement in response to the following:

The AAWC Board of Directors serves to advance the initiatives of the AAWC which are focused on the strategic plan consisting of the four pillars of education, public policy, research and infrastructure. Describe how your qualifications align with all four pillars and your plans to support the Board in its efforts to meet AAWC's strategic objectives...

Meet the three 2019 candidates...

Rose Hamm PT, DPT
Member since 2001
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Since my retirement from clinical practice, I have seen numerous friends and family members who have wounds that were either misdiagnosed or mistreated by well-meaning members of the medical community, including wound care clinics. This has driven me to want to do all I can to have wound care recognized as a medical specialty and to educate non-specialists on how to treat wounds and when to refer a patient to another specialist. This passion, combined with my teaching and writing experience, hopefully qualifies me to support all four of the pillars outlined in the Strategic Plan, and most specifically the ones involving education of non-wound care specialists, establishing standards of practice for a specialty service/practice, identifying areas of research needed in the specialty (although I am not a researcher myself!), and working on the issue of pressure ulcer classification and nomenclature. I see serving on the AAWC Board of Directors as an opportunity to further evidence-based practice and the recognition of wound management as a medical specialty in any way that the Board feels that I am qualified to serve, and am willing to go outside my comfort zone to do so!

Marta Ostler PT, CWS, CLT, DAPWCA
Member since 2013
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STATEMENT: Education: I started the AAWCs Journal Club and greatly enjoy educating anyone in the wound healing process as well as opportunities for growth and more efficient patient outcomes. I am a member of the education steering committee and a speaker for the AAWC. Public Policy: Payment, reimbursement and becoming our own specialty is a priority goal for our field. Physical Therapy is part of the wound healing team. I will continue to provide AAWC policy information related to physical therapy involvement is wound healing. Research: I have been involved in the research committee. We have worked to increase the role of the AAWC in research: presentation, clinical case studies and understanding research publications. The Journal Club is an example of how I have helped the AAWC develop research based member benefits. Infrastructure: Our infrastructure will drive our ability to continue to move forward with the vision of growth and partnership. I advocate for member involvement, volunteer opportunities and long to see one committed organization that will help drive wound care into its own specialty. Member benefits are key.. The Journal Club as well as the awards/scholarships we offer are great examples of how the AAWC supports their members. In the future, I will help the AAWC progress with its strategic goals and initiatives. Forward thinking and building partnerships with other wound care organizations is key to helping our profession. As we continue to strive to offer our members more opportunities in the area of education, I will continue to volunteer to speak and assist with conference planning. I will work with the APTA to advocate for physical therapy involvement in the field of wound care , promoting our specialty as skin rehabilitation specialists. I will strive to advocate for more coordinated care and realistic patient outcome reporting.

Brandy Rose PT, DPT, CWS
Member since 2015
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STATEMENT: I care about targeting etiology and teaching the most effective methods to promote wound healing for various types of wounds. Cost, delivery of care, and personal relationships with patients to achieve the best outcomes are very important to me. Staying up to date with current literature and methods/products in the wound care industry helps provide options for delivery of care and helps with patient education. I believe in a multidisciplinary approach to wound healing and being creative in achieving goals. We have to treat the whole patient, not just the hole in the patient.