Membership Types & Rates*

Clinician and/or Caregiver Individual Membership $119-139 annually

This category is for those healthcare professionals who prefer a personal membership and exclusive benefits. AAWC welcomes to this category any individual who works in healthcare or a healthcare-related environment and/or who specializes in wound care, its education or its research.
The Professional Categories within this membership type are:

Professional Category Annual Dues
DPM, MD DO, PhD $139
NP, PA $129
LPN, RN, PT $119
Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Other  $119


VA and Active Duty Military $57.50 annually

This membership is for healthcare employees of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and those in US Active Duty military. The US Department of Defense describes “Active Duty” as full-time duty in the active military service of the US (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines). This includes members of the Reserve Components serving on active duty or full-time training duty. For the purpose of membership, AAWC is including the National Guard, as well as the uniformed officers of the US Public Health Service (Commissioned Corps). US Military civilian healthcare workers are also included within this membership category.

Student Clinician $60 annually

This category is reserved for the entry-level individual who is currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning, and is seeking a degree in a healthcare profession. Students must provide proof of student status such as a copy of the student ID card, a “welcome” letter on letterhead paper, or a copy of a current transcript.

Retired Clinician $60 annually

This group is restricted to those who have retired from a wound care or related healthcare field. Support the mission of AAWC and stay current on the latest advances in wound care through the leading journals, newsletters and email alerts.

Group Membership: Healthcare Facility or Clinic

$480 for a small group with 4 or fewer clinicians ~ $959 for a group up to 8, each additional person only $85
The group membership includes up to 8 clinicians with each individual listed in a searchable, online Wound Clinic Directory. This category is for wound care clinics and other healthcare facilities including but not limited to hospitals, home health agencies, independent practices, long term care centers, management/counseling centers, other not for profit healthcare organizations and outpatient programs. One key contact person, usually the facility owner/director or an appointed person, maintains control over the group membership account and receives the annual renewal invoice.

Corporate or Manufacture $360 annually

This is a unique category of membership for corporations and manufacturers of wound care and related products, devices and/or services, including for profit consulting firms. One contact person maintains control over the membership account and receives the benefits to share with colleagues. This category receives all benefits of an individual member, but also receives a free listing on the AAWC website.

*Rates subject to change.