There is one INDUSTRY position on the AAWC Board of Directors. 

 Each nominee was asked to write a statement in response to the following:

The AAWC Board of Directors serves to advance the initiatives of the AAWC which are focused on the strategic plan consisting of the four pillars of education, public policy, research and infrastructure. Describe how your qualifications align with all four pillars and your plans to support the Board in its efforts to meet AAWC's strategic objectives...

Meet the two 2019 candidates...

Matthew Davis RN, CWON, CFCN
Member since 2013
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STATEMENT: My qualifications and experience aligns directly with 3 of the 4 pillars directly and indirectly with the 4th. Education, Research, and Infrastructure are strong points that I've incorporated into my career so far. I originally obtained my position by publishing case studies with the unique perspective of thinking out of the box. That lead me to the passion of educating educators across the country that wound care is not a static environment but one that is fluid requiring adaptation. The fluid process drives the need for continued research and innovation in the field. Infrastructure is bringing people together with the common goal and interest. We need to strive to bring new blood into the profession and continue that. Infrastructure is key and needs people who are accustomed to running a business. The fourth would be public policy which is a voice to all of the causes. I feel that includes educating the lay person to the plight of wound care. I feel that my versatile experience in all of these realms could help drive the AAWC forward. I would be willing to do whatever is needed for that.

William Tettelbach MD, FACP, FIDSA, FUHM, CWS
Member since 2018
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STATEMENT: The four pillars are key to the success of the AAWC and to the overall advancement of the specialty of advanced wound care. My career pathway aligns strongly on multiple levels with all four pillars: Education, Public Policy, Research and Infrastructure. With my possible appointment, the Board would be able to leverage my extensive experience of heading an ACGME approved fellowship program, utilize my insight and access to Health Policy decision makers through my years of involvement with the Utah Medical Association Medicare Carrier (Noridian) Advisory Committee, provide input from years of research experience as well as benefit from my years of leadership building a successful wound care infrastructure within the Intermountain Healthcare system. Furthermore, my current industry experience and connections may prove to be beneficial in developing an enhanced sponsor model for the AAWC. I am excited by the prospect of joining such a dedicated team with goals that truly align with my own.