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Watch this video to experience a telehealth visit.

Resources Referenced in the Telemedicine Webinar:

Telemedicine Slide Deck

Private Payer Telehealth/Telemedicine Coverage Policies

Current State Laws and Policies  

Wound Care is an Essential -- Not Elective -- Service that Prevents Hospital Admissions and ED Visits Among a Fragile Cohort of Patients at High-Risk of COVID-19  Accessed online: 3/29/2020

Corona Virus Waivers and Flexibilities  Accessed online: 3/31/2020

Homebound Status  Accessed online: 3/31/2020

DMEPOS  Accessed online: 3/31/2020

Consider Your Payer Mix  

Summary of Medicare Telemedicine Services  Accessed online: 3/29/2020

General Provider Telehealth and Telemedicine Tool Kit  Accessed online 3/29/2020

Medicaid State Plan Fee-for-Service Payments for Services Delivered Via Telehealth  Accessed online: 3/29/2020

Podiatrists Can Provide E/M Services Remotely  Accessed online: 3/29/2020

Virtual Visit Template if Documenting Manually  

Teaching Patients How to Change Dressings at Home  

Home Resources from American College of Surgeons   Accessed online: 3/30/2020

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