The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care
Announces New Fellow Designation

(McLean, VA, USA, December 11, 2020) The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) is proud to announce a new designation to recognize exemplary members: Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (FAAWC). The AAWC Fellow recognizes members who have made significant and sustained contributions to advance the care of patients with a wound. AAWC members who attain a Fellow designation, have demonstrated a commitment to positively influence local, national, and global health through their outstanding ​contributions to clinical practice, education, public policy, and research.​

The main initiatives for the AAWC Fellow are to nurture leaders and serve as mentors to advance wound care clinicians and students. The goals of the AAWC Fellows are to:

  • Represent a diverse community of thought leaders who contribute to a strategy and vision that advances the wound care profession and industry.​
  • Serve through their active leadership and support of AAWC, Fellow activities, and programs.​
  • Identify and mentor future leaders.
  • Encourage and nurture individual members for volunteer positions.

The inaugural class of AAWC Fellows are:

  • Ali Bairos, FAAWC
  • Barbara Bates-JensenFAAWC
  • Karen BauerFAAWC
  • Desmond BellFAAWC
  • Greg BohnFAAWC
  • Laura BoltonFAAWC
  • Ruth BryantFAAWC
  • Renee CordreyFAAWC
  • Kara CouchFAAWC
  • Vickie DriverFAAWC
  • Lisa GouldFAAWC
  • Mary HaddowFAAWC
  • Luther KlothFAAWC
  • Diane KrasnerFAAWC
  • John MacDonaldFAAWC
  • Hollie MangrumFAAWC
  • Catherine MilneFAAWC
  • Marta OstlerFAAWC
  • Tim PaineFAAWC
  • Laurie RapplFAAWC
  • Tom SerenaFAAWC
  • Pamela ScarboroughFAAWC
  • Terry TreadwellFAAWC

The FAAWC designation is an indication of excellence and experience serving the Association of the Advancement of Wound Care and the field of wound care. In order to be considered, applicants must meet the requirements and be supported by a Sponsor, which are individuals who are long-standing AAW members trusted with mentoring and guiding an AAWC Fellow through the application process.

Applications for Fellow designation will open annually from February 15, 2021, through August 2, 2021. The new Fellow recipients will be inducted at the Annual Fall AAWC meeting. More information on sponsors, qualifications, and application process can be found on the AAWC Fellow Designation website.

The AAWC is the leading, nonprofit membership organization in the U.S. dedicated to interprofessional wound healing and tissue preservation. The Association's focus is on education, public policy, and the application of evidence-based wound care practice. AAWC offers membership and associated benefits to everyone involved in wound care, including clinicians and other healthcare professionals, patients, lay-caregivers, clinics/facilities, corporations, students, retirees, and advocates. There are numerous ways that one can make a difference at AAWC. Visit the AAWC website to learn more and join the Association.