2018 AAWC Award Winners

These AAWC members were recognized at the 2018 AAWC Spring Membership Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina during SAWC.

The AAWC is pleased to congratulate...

Joy Schank, RN, MSN, ANP, CWOCN
Distinguished Member
Tim Paine, PT
President’s Award
Emily Greenstein, APRN, CNP, CWON
Emerging Leader

Distinguished Members

Each year the AAWC proudly honors one Distinguished Member Award. The award has been bestowed upon many influential and dedicated AAWC members. Selected by the AAWC Awards Committee and approved by the AAWC Board of Directors, the AAWC Distinguished Member Award is given annually to a member who has selflessly volunteered an abundance of their time and talents to the AAWC and has gone "above and beyond the call of duty" to move the Association forward.

Visit the Distinguished Member page for the historical list of recipients.

President's Award

Chosen by the AAWC President and awarded once per presidential term, the President's award is bestowed upon an individual who has been most helpful to the President, for whatever reason, during his or her presidency. Selection criteria may include:

  • Support provided specifically to the President during their term
  • Actively assisting or individually mobilizing a strategic AAWC effort
  • An individual who has given time above and beyond normal expectation
  • Overall value / contributions to the AAWC

Emerging Leader Award

Recipients are selected by the Awards Committee through peer and Board recommendations and have:

  • Practiced less than 5 years in wound care and demonstrate an understanding of the field
  • Been an AAWC member for at least 2 years
  • Served on a committee and are actively involved in committee work
  • Have not been a Board member
  • Demonstrated support of the AAWC brand and mission
  • Sought ways to be actively involved
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities (speaking, project leader, professionalism)
  • Pursued professional development

You Make the Difference Award

This award is selected by the AAWC staff with CEO approval and serves to recognize a member who:

  • Has been a member for a minimum of 3 consecutive years
  • Demonstrates an "extra mile" attitude through their dedication to the AAWC mission and objectives
  • Exudes positivity for the AAWC
  • Regularly refers new members
  • Is "always around"
  • Serves in a periphery manner and shows consistency in commitment to the AAWC