Opportunities are available in these categories: Education, Content Creation, Public Policy and Committees.

Please read the full volunteer position description and eligibility criteria for each opportunity. Time commitments and application requirements are included. Volunteers appointed to a Committee are expected to serve at least one 2-year term.

TO APPLY: Complete the AAWC Volunteer Application

Review and selection process: All volunteers will be reviewed by committee chairs and recommendations for appointments will be subject to approval by the AAWC Board of Directors. New committee volunteers will start their committee term in May 2019 or immediately after being appointed.  

EDUCATION – In response to members’ needs, the AAWC is focusing its Education agenda on new research informed by bedside experience, evolving and established standards of care, and a consistent multidisciplinary approach to the challenges of wound care management. We are doing this through a series of focused-topic programs offered on a regional level, and AAWC branded wound care education tracks to be offered at selected national conferences. Opportunities abound for members to assist with the development and delivery of these educational sessions.  
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CONTENT CREATION - The AAWC has a need for writers and editors as we continue to build a cadre of newsletter, blog and other written content intended to provide members and wound care clinicians with practical resources shared by colleagues and fellow members. Writing is easy - all we ask is that you share your experiences. Editing is necessary to make sure we capture the intended message and ensure accuracy for our readers.
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PUBLIC POLICY - Members have told us the AAWC must be actively involved in policies that direct or impact our work life and profession, that we need to closely monitor policy so we can have a plan in place to respond to changes in a timely manner and make our voices heard in state and federal legislatures. The AAWC is seeking volunteers who want to make a difference in the public policy arena. The opportunities here are vast, and members can be involved as much or as little they feel they can contribute.
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COMMITTEES - Any member of the AAWC can serve on a committee. Members are chosen to represent a variety of practice and care settings, educational backgrounds and geographical locations.
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